MCC offers its clients access to high quality, low cost talent in Mexico. MCC's unique "cost plus" model saves clients up to 70% on development costs. MCC leases, designs and builds out dedicated development centers in Mexico for U.S. companies. MCC offers a true "turn-key" operation, including management of all infrastructure and support, logistics, visas, human resources, recruiting, etc. under a very reasonable "cost plus" model. This model allows for open-ended margins for MCC's customers.
Whether companies require large database migration resources or mechanical engineer CAD drafters, MCC is the solution. On a typical resource center of 100 personnel, a company can expect to save over $5 million in costs.
MCC has "next-door" software development center in Mexico City to provide software development services to its U.S. and Mexican clientele in order to capitalize on the high growth trend of "next-door" outsourcing.